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Replacement damper motor for HONEYWELL ARD ZD M847D

 and DuroDyne 35105 2-wire spring motors

  (Free Shipping in Continental the US)

Honeywell ARD ZD M847D, NSPRD spring return motor, Durozone 35105, RZ3-1M damper motor, 2 wire motor
Honeywell ARD ZD M847D, NSPRD spring return motor, Durozone 35105, RZ3-1M damper motor, 2 wire motor
Honeywell ARD ZD M847D, NSPRD spring return motor, Durozone 35105, RZ3-1M damper motor, 2 wire motor

Check out this adjustable stop kit!

Set your two wire RZ3-1M damper motor to open or close a specific degree rather than completely closing the damper blade. This allows some amount of air flow when the motor is in the de-energized position.

**Motors with the Stop Kit addition will appear as pictured to the left**

Click on the “add to cart” button to add this feature to your purchase. If you need a motor AND the stop kit please click on both ‘RZ3-1’ AND ‘RZ3-1M Stop Kit’ “add to cart” buttons on this page. 

**Motors may be shipped with a brushed aluminum cover but otherwise are identical, except for the cover.**

24 volt test light and troubleshooting guide included with motor! Our handy 24 test light allows you to test power to your motor and perform a complete diagnostic evaluation of your zoning system when used with our 2 page troubleshooting guide.

Due to the high failure rate of Honeywell, Trol A Temp MARD, Jackson, Zone First, and other motors with or without plastic gears. We are offering the drop-in replacement RZ3-1M motor with a much more robust all-metal gear train. This motor is a widely used OEM quality replacement motor with an outstanding reliability reputation. 

Replaces many two wire Spring return motors with a "common footprint" design as shown in the pictures, with 1.33 or 1 and 5/16 inch center shaft to shaft spacing. 

This ad is for one Non-OEM brand replacement motor that is designed as a direct replacement normally open damper motor. 

* Works as a replacement for Honeywell M847D series motors on popular ZD and ARD dampers, including M847D1004 and M847D1012 motors and other M847D series. This also replaces the Hansen 135-6 motor, as well as other brands with the same footprint.

Theses 24vac motors by Retrozone are drop-in replacements for most Honeywell 2 wire normally open, power to close spring return motors, as well as many other brands. 

Check our Gears in the picture! Our all metal gears and precision engineering get rid of the of the failure prone plastic OEM gears from Honeywell and others. See for yourself in our comparison motor photos. We have also included photos of the motors that ours replaces. These motors are made for dampers that are normally open, as used with Honeywell and Trol a Temp zone control systems.

Don't be left in the dark when your new motor, damper, transformer or thermostat fail to work! Our handy 24 volt test light allows a complete check out of your zone control system, along with our outstanding tech support. Almost all issues with your zone control system can be diagnosed with this test light by testing for power. As well, the test light can be permanently installed at the motor or zone control board to let you see the power and know when the damper should be closed. Diagnose faults in wire, bad relays, defective thermostats, problems with the HVAC unit and more - all with this simple light!

Picture 1 shows the heavy duty replacement motor you will receive.
Picture 2 shows our heavy duty metal gear train to end gear failure.
Picture 7 shows the spacing that our motor will replace, up to a 5/16 shaft.
Picture 8 show some of the motors the Retrozone RZ3-1M will replace.
Picture 9 shows two of the Honeywell motors the RZ3-M1 will replace.
These motors offer:
Less Cost
Better Quality
Full 1 Year Warranty

Features and Benefits

*Torque is consistently delivered throughout the full 90 degree rotational operating range to open and close the damper, and irrespective of whether the actuator is operating in Power Advance Mode (energized) or Spring Return Mode (de-energized).
*The energized actuator may be stalled at any angular position and remain energized indefinitely.
*When de-energized, the actuator consistently returns the damper shaft to home position, whether or not the starting spring return position is a full 90 degrees or any intermediate position.
*Extremely reliable. Statistical life reliability exceeds 120,000 cycles at 90% reliability and 100% confidence with no decay in delivery torque over life of the actuator.
*Very quiet operation typically 40dB, or less at 3 feet.

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