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BH Kit 1

Belimo to Honeywell ZD , ARD,

 M847D, M847D1004, M847D1012, and RZ-135-7

 Retrofit Damper Motor Kit

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Retrozone BH Kit 1, Belimo, Honeywell ZD , ARD, M847D, M847D1004, M847D1012, and RZ-135-7, replacement damper motor, HVAC

Included in

 BH Kit 1:

  • LMB24-3-T motor
  • Custom shaft adapter with long black Socket Head Cap screw
  • L bracket
  • 2 self-tapping screws
  • tiny black Allen screw
  • papers

Tired of replacing spring return damper motors that get hot and burn out?

The Belimo to Honeywell Retrofit Kit BH Kit 1 gets the the premier commercial grade Belimo LMB damper motor and adapter kit for about the same price as the Honeywell M847D1 2 wire spring replacement motor.

*Works as a replacement for Honeywell M847D series motors on popular ZD and ARD dampers, including M847D1004 and M847D1012 motors and other M847D series

Also crosses to our RZ135-7 3-wire motor and RZ3-1M, and reverse 

*Works as a replacement for Trol a Temp MSR, RDMH, and other dampers.

*Works on many dampers from Honeywell, Trol a Temp, Aprilaire, ZoneFirst, EWC, Robertshaw, Research Products, Ztec, Buetler, Durozone and others using 24VAC motor with a 3/8 or smaller drive shaft (other kits available for other size drive shafts.

*Works as a 24 volt 2 VAC replacement motor on ANY damper with a round drive shaft 3/8 or smaller in size.

*Retrofits the industry leading LMB24-3-T motor on to many residential dampers.

*Gets rid of spring return motors.

*Works with any brand of standard 24vac zone control system.

*Saves energy, extends motor life, far more powerful motor with 5 year warranty.

*Requires three wires to motor and the mounting of the anti-rotation bracket with two self tapping screws, included.

*Add extra hardware (not included) and simple modifications to work on almost any damper

Spring return damper motors pull 8 to 10 va of continuous power since they must overcome the return spring. Besides wasting energy, the spring return motors get very hot, contributing to their often premature failure. The Belimo LMB24-3-T retrofit kit motor uses just 2va for 90 seconds, and never even gets warm to the touch! A five year warranty is best in the business, so stop replacing those overpriced spring return motors! 

Your current damper has just two wires to the motor, will this 3 wire motor work? Yes, but you will need a third wire from the zone control panel or thermostat to allow this 3 wire motor to work-very often, standard 4 wire thermostat wire will have been used so check the cable for extra wires. Most zone control panels support three wire motors, including all Honeywell panels, check your zone control board damper outputs for an unused terminal.

Even if your zone panel has just two damper outputs, you can still use this kit since the Belimo LMB motor will accept an alternative wiring procedure that places full time 24vac power on terminals 1 and 2, and then uses the current zone board output for terminal 3. Full illustrated instructions are included.

Two-wire kits available with 24 or 120 volt motors. Please see our ad for the TFLB Kit1.

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