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Robert Shaw SZC Zone Panel

The SlimZone Classic is a popular zone control panel designed for light commercial and residential applications that comes in a two or three zone configuration.

- Compatible with both single stage heating and cooling units and single compressor heat pumps with auxiliary heat.
- Works with conventional 2 to 5 wire thermostats, first call priority method of operation, LED indicators on all system functions
- Works with auto changeover thermostats
- 15 minute upstage to auxiliary heat on heat pump systems
- 45 second fan purge into last zone for improved ventilation
Dimensions: 9.5" x 8.75" x 2" ; shipping weight 2.14lbs.



Robertshaw SlimZone Classic zone control panel 2 zone --


 Currently Not Available  

Robertshaw SlimZone Classic zone control panel 3 zone -- $199.00



Durozone RED-4 Control Panel

 up to 4 zones

The option of One Zone Control - based off zone 1 thermostat - all dampers can open and close together.
Zone 4 can be used as a Fresh Air Damper system.
Outdoor Temperature Limit - In gas/electric or conventional heat pumps, second stage heating can be disabled when the outdoor temperature is higher than the temperature set by the ODT Limit potentiometer.  Gas/Electric or Heat Pump Operation
Can use Heat/Cool or Heat Pump thermostat in Zone 1.
On board external emergency heat switch - allows the emergency heat to be activated even with a heat-cool only thermostat.
Cooling Limit Potentiometer - Sets the minimum supply air temperature allowed during cooling. If the temperature is exceeded, will be turned off and the indoor fan will continue to operate until the temperature rises above the limit.
- Controls 3-stage heat and 2-stage cool for regular gas/electric heat.
- Controls 2-stage heat and 2-stage cool for Heat Pumps.

Dimensions: 7.125" x 6.5" x 3.5"; shipping weight 1.36lbs.



RED-4 Control Panel

RED-4 Control Panel -- $229.00


LAT leaving air temp sensor   $21.85

OTS Outside temp sensor  $22.94



EWC BMP Control Panel

Up to 7 Zones with expansion panels Available in 3, 5 and 7 zones by using the

XM2 Expansion modules (up to 2 modules can be used). Comes with Supply Air Sensor.
Can control:
- 2 stage conventional or dual fuel kits or Heat Pumps.
- Single or two-stage gas, oil and hydronic heating systems, with single

or two stage air conditioning.  Constant or variable speed fan systems.
- System can operate Heat Pump or 2nd stage from thermostat, timer or

adjustable outdoor air sensor.  Will allow Heat Pump operation (back up heat) from thermostat, outdoor sensor, timer or switch on control panel.

- Compatible with any "off the shelf" Heat Pump or regular heat/cool thermostat.
- Automatic heat/cool changeover.
- Status LEDs, system LEDs, Damper LEDs.
- Operating power is 24VAC.

BMPlus3000 - 3 Zone $245.00
BMPlus5000 - 5 Zone $328.75
BMPlus7000 - 7 Zone $422.50


XM2 - 2 Zone Expansion $180.41


UZC Control Panel

 Up to 16 zones with expansion panels
Available in 4, 6, 8,10,12,14 and 16 zones by using the ZXM-2 Expansion modules. Comes with a SAS for high and low temperature limit control that has field adjustable temperature limits.
Can Control:
- Single Stage, 2, 3 & 4 stage conventional or dual fuel kits or heat pumps.
- Single or multi-stage gas, oil and hydronic heating systems, with either single or two stage cooling and constant or variable speed fan systems.
- Will work with any type of thermostat on any type of HVAC Equipment. Can work off staging timer (field adjustable from 7 to 42 minutes). Therefore, you can use a single stage thermostat with multi-stage equipment.
- Energy Saving Features:  50% rule - If less than half the zones are calling for air, panel will not allow a call for the 2nd stage.  If you use an OAS (Outdoor Air Sensor) will limit the staging up of temperature is too mild.
- Safety Controls:  If the UZC is wired to the fire alarm system and an signal is detected the UZC will shutdown the HVAC system and close all dampers.  If connected to a C02 monitor and controls Fresh Air, it will open all dampers, open the Fresh Air and

 turn on the HVAC fan to vent the building.
- Automatic Heat/Cool Changeover

UZC-4 - 4Zone $410
UZC-6 - 6 Zone $503
UZC-8 - 8 Zone $641
UZC-10 - 10 Zone $733
UZC-12 - 12 Zone $869
UZC-14 - 14 Zone $1015
UZC-16 - 16 Zone $1160

ZXM-2 Expansion - 2 Zone Expansion $171



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