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Why Should You Install a Zone Control System ?

Imagine a home with just one light switch where you could only turn the lights on or off as a group.  A forced air HVAC system with just one thermostat is a similar “all or nothing” control problem:  To get air where you need it, you must send it everywhere.  At RetroZone, we see users everyday who are sacrificing their comfort in a attempt to save energy.  With a RetroZone Zoning System, you can enjoy perfect comfort wherever you are, while saving huge amounts of energy savings by restricting airflow, with dampers, to areas not in use.  It is just like the lights, use them when you need to, and turn them off when you do not.

Zoning systems are great for solving comfort problems, and are often called “automatic balancing systems”.  With multiple thermostats and duct dampers serving a single HVAC system, zoning systems can eliminate hot and cold spots, like too hot upstairs or too cool downstairs.  It’s easy to see how zoning systems save energy.  Areas not used can be deeply set back for maximum energy savings, while occupied areas have perfect temperature control from a nearby thermostat.

A zoning system can do even more.  Overcooled or over-heated areas are eliminated, stretching the capacity of the HVAC equipment.  For instance, a room with a western exposure can never get the right amount of airflow.  In the morning, with the sun in the east, the room probably gets too much airflow and in the afternoon, probably not enough.  When a system like this is zoned, that western exposure gets exactly the amount of air it needs - no more, and no less.

Zoning systems allow rapid recovery of areas that have been deeply setback.  For instance, the entire capacity of the HVAC unit can be directed into a zone that has been deeply setback for quick recovery.  Independent tests conclude that zoning systems can save 30 percent or more on a HVAC heating and cooling bill.  What your application may save depends on how you use the system.  Either way, a zoning system is a powerful air management tool that can provide you with increased comfort and energy savings at the same time.

So start saving energy now, without giving up comfort. 

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