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See how easy it is to install a Zoning System

Our latest Installation Manual is now online 


If you have an AirZone FlexDamper system and need our trouble shooting guide please click on the PDF ICON below in order to view and download.


 AirZone FlexDamper system trouble shooting guide

Below are operations manuals for the Robertshaw SlimZone Classic and Deluxe control panels as seen in our catalog. There is a lot of information in these manuals that will answer whether or not these panels are right for your application.

If you have multistage equipment, have more than 3 Zones, or are interested in future expandability look at the Deluxe.  If you have single stage equipment and just need 2 or 3 zones, the Slim Zone Classic or the EWC NMC will be your best value.

The Durozone ED-4 will support up to 4 zones with 3H/2C, 2H/2C+Heat Pump capabilities.  See below for more details.

If looking for a panel that can handle single stage, two stage, dual fuel and heat pumps, for zone control up to seven zones, the BMPlus series control panel would be a good choice.   

Robert Shaw SlimZone Classic (SZC) Zone Control Board Installation Manual


Robert Shaw SlimZone Deluxe (SZD) Zone Control Board Installation Manual

Durozone ED-4 Zone Control Panel

NCM 300 Control Panel

BMPlus Control Panel

UZC Control Panel

Wiring Diagrams

SD and Flexdamper to control panels

Slave Zone Wiring diagram - Thermostat

Slave Zone Wiring diagram - Switch




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