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Specializing in Dampers and Zone Control Systems


Thank you for letting RetroZone supply your HVAC Zone Control needs!  We are proud to offer industry leading, energy saving Zone Control products for the lowest prices along with the best customer support in the industry.  Call us if you do not see what you need as this catalog is only a sampling of what we have available to our customers.

Retrozone is a manufacturer and distributor of leading edge HVAC zone control products. We have served the industry for over 20 years, and during this time have developed, patented, and manufactured award winning, energy saving products.  Retrozone has also been awarded research grants from the U.S. Department of Energy and continues to do R & D in the area of zone control products, duct systems and other energy saving products.



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PAYMENT OPTIONS:  Cash, Check, Visa,  Mastercard; Terms available with credit approval

SHIPPING OPTIONS: Normal UPS with express delivery available (plus $2 Handling Fee)

Return Policy:  Customers may return any item except rectangular dampers or other special order items as specified within 30 days, if new and unopened in the original box.  Rectangular Dampers are built to order and are non-returnable.  Please make sure of your size before ordering.  Products opened and/or returned not in the original box will be subject to a restocking charge to be determined at time of return.  ANY product returned to Retrozone without an Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number boldly written on outside of box will be returned to sender.  Sender pays for shipping to Retrozone, Inc. or factory.  Factory will only pay for return shipping on incorrect parts shipped.




Tech Tips on HVAC Zoning Systems:

1. Two zone systems:  If each zone is fairly equal, a 2 zone system should have the duct system designed so that each zone can handle 70% of the total CFM (Cubic Feet / Minute). A bypass or relief damper should not be needed.

2. Three zone systems:  Attempt to divide the zones equally and size each zone to handle 50% of the total CFM, or upsize all ducts one inch. A relief damper of some type may or may not be needed.

3. Four zone systems and up:  upsize all ducts by one inch, and use a static pressure relief damper, as well as high and low limit protection.

4. Static pressure or barometric relief systems:  when only one zone is calling for air, where does the excess air go on a multi-zone system?  RetroZone offers two types of industry accepted relief systems that bypass the excess air from the supply plenum to the return plenum. This bypassed air is not wasted. Instead it is re-circulated at a lower pressure so that the zone still calling receives cooler or warmer air and satisfies more quickly.

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